Forum Rules and How the Community Works

Learn the rules of the FWU forum and get help with some freelancing basics, from freelance portals to projects and more. Use this forum to introduce yourself to the FWU Community.

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Forum Rules and How the Community Works

Post by Shana » Fri May 05, 2017 7:14 pm

Thank you so much for joining us on the Freelance With Us forum.

Please take a minute to read over this post before you begin interacting with others.

How the FWU Community Works

When you register for an account with the Freelance With Us Community, you will be assigned the role of a Reader. As a Reader, you'll be able to post in each of the forum topics, with the exception of the Job Board and the Writer's Corner.

As you post helpful and relevant content, your role will change to that of a Freelancer. The Freelancer role gives you a few cool features.

Freelancers can:
  • Use a signature in posts
    Access the private messaging feature
    Post polls for the community
    View and post in the Job Board
Your moderators are watching you! That's a good thing, because as you continue to contribute to the community, you will be assigned the role of a Writer. Writers have some awesome benefits, as well.

Writers can:
  • Do everything a Freelancer can do
    View the Writer's Corner boards
    Contribute to the Freelance With Us website
    Apply to be a FWU Community Moderator
We hope that this community proves to be a great resource for you to share ideas, get feedback and even just to vent a little. But, as with all great things, there are a few guidelines. Please take a few minutes to read over the forum rules.

Posting Rules

The Freelance With Us forum is a community designed to help writers support one another, ask questions, and offer advice. The site and forum are intended to provide resources to writers and to offer help in navigating an occasionally overwhelming freelance writing career.

With that in mind, we aim to provide a welcoming environment for writers of all levels. Discussions may include controversial topics, but we ask that you remember to discuss the topic, not the poster.

Personal attacks, name calling, hate speech, insulting language and overtly offensive posts will not be tolerated, and may result in your permanent removal from the forum.

Members join our community at different places in their freelancing career and one of our goals is to welcome and educate new members. Please do so with respect for other freelancers.

Please keep conversations civil and on topic, and respect the diversity of the FWU community.

Advertising and solicitation

We understand that you may want to share your own work, whether this be your personal blog or a book you’ve written. All in due time! Each of our members will begin at the Reader level, and encouraged to contribute meaningful, helpful posts to the site. Our moderators will then grant you access to other features, such as the addition of a signature to your posts or the ability to send private messages.

Please refrain from soliciting others within your posts. Doing so will result in rejection of your posts by our moderators, and excessive violation may result in removal from the community.


Cursing happens from time to time. We ask that you respect the sensitivities of others, and refrain from excessive use of profanity.
Hate Speech

We will not tolerate hate speech in any form. This includes racism, gay or trans bashing, sexism, ableism, religious prejudice, ageism, sizeism and other derogatory remarks based on skin color or background. Engaging in this activity will result in your removal from the forum.


You’re entitled to your opinion. But if you are posting to incite an argument or anger from the community, your post will me rejected and you may be removed from the community.
Pornography & Sexually Explicit Content

Posting of pornographic images or sexually suggestive content is not allowed.


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