Share your Stories

Give praise to a particular client, freelancer or service, or vent about a project gone wrong. All freelancers have them, and telling other freelancers about them can be a good way to vent your anger and frustration.

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Share your Stories

Post by Shana » Wed May 10, 2017 9:20 pm

Nope, not your fiction stories. That's what the Writer's Corner is for.

We'd like to hear stories related to your career as a freelancer. Remember that time when that guy asked you to write 35,000 words for $47? That was funny, wasn't it? Or hey, how about when that woman asked you to train your replacement. Ha ha, what a hoot.

Anecdotes are great, but feel free to also share your struggles or the ways in which you've overcome the supreme lack of motivation that we all face from time to time.


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