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Writers Needed for Freelance With Us

Post by FWU Editorial » Sun May 14, 2017 1:47 pm

Freelance With Us currently has a very strong team of writers who provide content on a regular basis, but we're always looking for new talent and for new ideas. We get a lot of submissions that don't really hit the mark, mainly because they don't follow the guidelines set out on our Write for Us page, but also because they write on completely irrelevant subjects.

So, anything that matches those guidelines and is relevant is sure to standout. If you think you can provide something like this yourself then get in touch. Your submission will be read by our submissions editor within a few weeks. If you have a "Freelancer" rank, then you can also submit a sample of your work and a bio to this thread and I'll take a look myself. This way, it gets through quicker and you know it will be read.

We pay all writers who work for us and we also offer other opportunities. So, checkout our Write For Us page (linked in the menu above) and get started!
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