Paid Post for Grammar Writers (Write for Us Opportunities)

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Paid Post for Grammar Writers (Write for Us Opportunities)

Post by FWU Editorial » Sun May 14, 2017 1:52 pm

The FWU team have a new project on the go that requires some skilled native writers who can produce content on English grammar. This is a start-up and we have all of the time in the world to set the wheels in motion, so we'll be looking for writers over the next few months. We need someone who we can rely on, someone who can produce without fail, and someone who can essentially take control of this site for the next 12 months+.

We'd prefer to work with members of the FWU community and we will leave this open until we get sufficient applicants. This forum is brand new, so we're sure that will take time, but the site has plenty of time before it needs to be launched.

To apply, post samples of work relating to English language topics. Post your bio and any other relevant details as well. We will contact you through the site's private messaging system (available to everyone with a Freelancer rank) so don't worry about posting email addresses.
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