Paid Post for Entertainment Writers (Write for Us Opportunities)

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Paid Post for Entertainment Writers (Write for Us Opportunities)

Post by FWU Editorial » Sun May 14, 2017 1:46 pm

FWU began as a small project designed to promote a book, but it has since grown into something much bigger, and something that many people work on every day. The FWU team also have a hand in several other websites, either as owners, investors or content curators.

Right now, one of those projects, an entertainment site, is in need of new content. Applicants do not necessarily need any prior experience with this subject, but we are looking for skilled writers who are committed to the task at hand. This is a paid job and there will be other opportunities available as well.

Because we're only looking for people that we can trust and have a direct connection to, this job will only be open to Freelancer members of the FWU forum. If you're interested, just post your details below. Include a bio, a sample, and a short statement--treat it like a cover letter on Upwork. This post will be open indefinitely as we're always looking for new talent, so don't worry if this post is a couple months old by the time you read it.
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